Hello, my name is De Waal Immelman.
am a visual designer.have a degree in it. make logos and graphics. know how to engage viewers. make information stand out. am a freelancer. am based in Pretoria, South Africa. have done a lot of different things. have made gig posters. have created Flash interfaces. have experimented with sound. have helped out on sets. have taken photos. have designed for a recording studio. have created multimedia disks. have designed mockups. have changed colours. have worked at an investment firm. have followed the brief. have printed stickers. have built wireframes. have worked with developers. have rendered 3D assets. have made people look skinnier. have designed business cards. have found ways. have met the deadline. have brainstormed. have shaken hands. have modified code. have created annual reports. have made restaurant menus. have shot live video at events. have created promotional material. have created Wordpress websites. have written copy. have made website banners. have made visuals for an indie film. have created large-scale advertisements. have painted walls. have helped artists. have designed t-shirts. have given my input. have created custom lettering. have gone through many fonts. have done print layouts. have edited videos. have learned new software. have created educational material. have enjoyed all of it.